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In 2010 Andrew Papageorge and Craig Marshall started The Next You company.

Craig Marshall grew up in suburban Los Angeles. He was a child actor and played in numerous TV shows and commercials, until he entered USC Film School to study film production. Yet, at age 23 his life took a surprising turn.

Shortly after he graduated, Craig joined a yoga monastery and became a cloistered monk. For 35 years he lived in Self-Realization Fellowship ashrams, where he explored the inner Strengths of spiritual success via introspection, study of enlightened individuals and hours of daily meditation.

After years of personal and spiritual development, Craig was ordained as a swami and served as a minister at various California temples. His ability to connect with audiences attracted a large following, and he lectured around the world about meditation and conscious living.

For many years, Craig was a sought-after spiritual counselor to thousands, including many well-known people. In 2005 Craig came to karmic crossroads. After a profound mid-life personal evaluation, Craig stepped into a new chapter outside the ashram and within days received a call from his old friend Andrew.

As a monk, he spent years studying how to embrace fears and go beyond limitations in order to realize one’s deepest dreams.

His friends include many prominent people, and he continues to help individuals define their life-purpose and take a stand for what means the most to them.

At heart, Craig is a risk-taking adventurer, striving to act in alignment with his innermost vision.

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