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    What is your platform?

    • Innovation is as essential to the progress of man as breathing.
    • Innovation is the life spring of all creation.
    • Innovation is often misunderstood.
    • Innovation is not the result of a single act or single individual.
    • All innovation is the result of the interaction of a large number of interrelated and interdependent elements. These elements can be learned and applied, resulting in innovation that is swift, continual and effective anywhere.

    We are about the mastery of innovation – the skills, the process and the environment.

    The GoInnovate! Mindset:

    • Everything is connected
    • Thinking leads to Action leads to Results
    • Everyone is creative and innovative
    • Results vs. Activities
    • System vs. Parts of System
    • Work simultaneously on “today’s” and “tomorrow’s” business

    What are the key components for innovation?

    The ability to innovate is impacted by who we are (Generators), what we do (Cycle) and the environment where we do it (Context).

    When you understand these three Components and how they work together, you will understand the GoInnovate! System.

    The GoInnovate! System is a catalyst and guide for swift, continual and efficient innovation – anywhere. Because it is a system and because it teaches people “how to think” and not “what to think,” it can be used over and over again to reliably produce results.

    What are the benefits of the GoInnovate! System?

    • Maximize return on limited resources
    • Fulfill your organization’s mission through an increased competency at innovation
    • Empower people as the authors of their own lives – at work and at home
    • Integrate departments and teams cross-functionally
    • Increase customer satisfaction — customers and vendors are drawn to organizations with a reputation for innovation
    • Expand personal leadership and proactivity
    • Adapt to change more quickly
    • Greater job satisfaction for all

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    What is management’s role?

    If innovation is to be a system-wide initiative, management must embrace the principles of GoInnovate! and create a supportive environment for learning and innovation. This includes allowing people to attend workshops and follow-up sessions. We teach people how to develop an innovative mindset that will change the way they execute their jobs. In order to be optimally effective, leaders must support their efforts.

    Who can use the GoInnovate! System?

    The GoInnovate! System can be used by anyone, anywhere.

    It is designed to close the gap between existing resources and increasing needs. It can be used by individuals, teams, departments, business units or across an entire organization. It serves as a platform to bring about swift and continuous innovation throughout your organization, resulting in substantial performance improvements and the ability to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources.

    It can be applied to strategic planning, operational plans, individual projects, leadership development, new products and services, marketing, sales and any other business strategy or challenge.

    How does GoInnovate! work?

    The GoInnovate! System includes the values, skills, processes and tools to guide people step by step to a successful innovation. Our approach demystifies innovation by breaking it down into understandable, logical components.

    People want to be productive. They thrive with a System that supports them.

    Does the GoInnovate! System replace management philosophy, policy or procedures currently in place?

    Absolutely not. We work within the framework of your existing structures and technologies. The GoInnovate! System complements your current mode of operation. We don’t teach management or corporate philosophy. We teach people how to think differently, how to use their innate creativity to make valuable contributions to the organization. It works in any organization.

    How do people learn the GoInnovate! System?

    The GoInnovate! System is taught through our E-Learning Program or workshop format. Ideally whole teams participate in the training.

    Participants learn and apply the principles, practices and skills of innovation and produce business results rather than focusing on theory and concepts.

    Participants learn how to think differently about themselves and their teams. They learn to think outside normal boundaries and draw upon their own and each other’s creativity.  The majority of participants get genuinely excited; even unmotivated employees get involved.

    By the end of our training, people believe they can make a difference.

    What if we want to develop our own in-house experts?

    We offer Certification Programs at three levels – Innovator, Professional Innovator and Master Innovator.

    Our certifications involve a rigorous training and examination process that reflects the highest caliber of professional standards. GoInnovate! Certification is technically challenging to ensure that all graduates learn how to implement solutions that produce business results.

    All Certifications are based on a proven curriculum that has been peer-reviewed, enhanced through valuable customer feedback, and are fully supported by professional training materials.