A principle, like gravity, is true no matter our belief



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    Principles are universal laws that influence our lives and our results consistently, mathematically and predictably. We do not learn principles; rather we unlearn beliefs that are inconsistent with them. The GoInnovate! Company is founded on three core principles that guide us through the many variables and uncertainties that exist in the world of innovation.  Each guiding principle also serves as the bedrock of the GoInnovate! System.

    Principle 1: Everything is Connected. Innovators see connections others either cannot see or simply take for granted. They recognize the interrelationships and interdependencies that exist in our world. Innovators know everything they do has ramifications beyond those they can actually see.

    Principle 2: Thinking » Action » Results Thinking causes things to happen. Action, the movement of energy, flows from thoughts. Conditions are the effect of thinking. New thoughts create new conditions. To succeed at innovation people must practice new thinking.

    Principle 3: Everyone is Creative & Innovative Everyone is already creative and innovative and everyone can be more creative and innovative.