What is enabling or hindering
innovation in your business?



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    The success of an innovation initiative is measured by the value customers receive and the new wealth it generates for the organization. Results from today’s innovations alone, however, are not a good indicator of an organization’s capacity to successfully innovate in the future.

    To predict future success and build a competency to innovate swiftly, effectively and continually requires a quantifiable understanding of an organization’s environment (Context). This understanding can be used to set annual goals and leverage limited resources.

    Our Organizational Assessment of Innovative Excellence (the competency to innovate swiftly, effectively and continually) measures current practices in your organization against the best practices of the world’s most innovative organizations.

    We examine your current innovation pipeline, key cultural traits, strategies, structures, processes and technologies that impact innovation. Key stakeholders are interviewed to understand what really happens from a customer and an innovator perspective.

    We identify the roadblocks to people’s effectiveness and distinguish between the intent of leaders and the organization’s capacity to deliver.

    We then recommend an approach to deepen your innovation capability and dramatically increase the yield of your investment in innovation.