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    The competency to innovate is more important then any innovation. Andrew knows how to innovate swiftly and efficiently, while simultaneously making innovation a way of life.

    Andrew has inspired and educated audiences for over 35 years. His charisma, experience and knowledge keep people on the edge of their seats. He is a wise and witty veteran who understands how to entertain and motivate audiences.

    Business Clients

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    Choose From Five Exciting Topics

    1) Systemic Innovation.  A systemic approach to innovation calls forth a more complete picture of reality and provides more accurate answers to questions such as, “What’s going on?” “What is causing this? “What are our best solutions?” Leaders then develop a “total solution” that takes into account the many factors that influence success. Attendees will learn how to leverage limited resources by focusing on small, actions that will produce the most significant and sustainable improvements.

    2) Premier for Innovation Activists. Simple strategies to start and sustain an Innovation Movement are presented in an entertaining format. These strategies will eliminate or minimize the impact of obstacles to innovation, e.g. we do not have enough time, people are full of fear and anxiety, and there is no good measurement. The audience will receive simple tools to apply immediately in their work.

    3) Purpose: The Core of Innovation.
 The audience will connect with the most powerful driving force for successful innovation. Purpose is more important than goals or measures in achieving desired outcomes. Purpose is the most fundamental basis for decision making in life as it is for innovation. The audience will apply what they learn immediately to a real-time innovation.

    4) HOW You Think Is More Important Than WHAT You Think.  Most of the time we are focused on WHAT we think not HOW we think, “How do you make decisions?”, “How do you go about focusing on what’s important?”, “How do you get through confusion?”, “How do you determine the best course of action?” These are challenging questions. Without a scientific “framework” for HOW TO THINK reaching goals is much more challenging. The GoInnovate! Cycle is a dynamic thinking framework for innovation. It provides a new way of processing information that connects with the personal inner realm and with the influences of the world around us.

    5) Beyond Time Management©.  In 1980 Andrew created a revolutionary way for people to make better decisions regarding their use of time. Beyond Time Management© presents a simple and effective approach for success in every area of ones life. This program is as relevant today if not more so then when it was created 35 years ago.

    Presentation Formats

    The Keynote. 
This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your audience energized and inspired to take the next steps toward professional success. Andrew is a master teacher – using intuitive insight, powerful examples and humorous anecdotes to motivate people to think and act differently. If your audience is ready to move forward, this presentation is guaranteed to produce the spark that will ignite the fire. Please allow 1-2 hours.

    The Keynote Experience. 
The perfect centerpiece to any event, the keynote experience engages participants in new learning and with each other. Andrew creates an environment in which participants apply the skills and process of innovation to a current challenge. Includes exercises and activities. The keynote experience is ideal for longer keynote programs. Please allow 2-4 hours.

    Live Workshop. Our live workshops are highly interactive so the audience achieves greater awareness and learning. Included are important learning tools and handouts. Please allow 1-2 days.

    To book Andrew please contact us.