Generators: The personal skills that foster innovation



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    Individuals jumpstart, accelerate and sustain innovation by applying these four Generators.

    1. Value Set.

    Openness, Intention, Courage, Integrity and Calmness are the five values that stimulate and accelerate innovation. We inspire and guide employees to live these values more fully each and every day.

    2. Creativity.

    Creativity is the starting point for innovation. Our creativity skill set of Scan – Focus – Go is being applied on factory floors in Latin America and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.

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    3. Collaboration.

    Collaboration, the art and science of working in harmony, can be a challenging discipline — intellectually, emotionally and socially. We are experts at building collaborative environments through the application of Reflection, Inquiry and Advocacy.

    4. Leadership.

    Like a gardener who prepares and nurtures the soil and protects his plants from harm, a leader of innovation builds the right environment. A leader of innovation Models, Enables and Introspects.

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