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    Generating creative ideas within an organization is often challenging.  People fear looking foolish, don’t want to make a costly mistake and hold on to long-held beliefs and practices. Sound familiar?

    A multinational leader in the energy industry contacted GoInnovate! to help them develop break-through product ideas. With competition increasing and product requirements diversifying, this company needed more, different and better ideas to maintain its lead position in the marketplace.

    GoInnovate! trained senior leaders, managers, scientists and administrative staff in the three skills of Creativity: Scan – Focus – Go. We provided processes to identify WOW! Product ideas. They learned to listen more deeply to the ideas of others and to discuss differences in a positive and productive manner.

    We also worked with the corporate leadership to establish a more innovation-friendly environment.

    Here are a few comments from the participants:

    “You have spurred us to develop creative solutions and improve our ability to see innovations through to completion.”

    “Scan-Focus-Go is a very organized way to gather and prioritize ideas. It has heightened our chances for success.”

    “Your programs are informative, proactive and enlightening.”

    The organization funded three ideas that came out of our meetings, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the following five years.

    Creativity is not limited to a chosen few. It is not based on one’s intelligence, nor are creative people born with a special talent. Creativity can be learned.

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