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    While there are systems for all the other important functions – financial, marketing, manufacturing, customer service – there is often not a system for innovation. Yet, it holds the key to increasing growth, profitability and shareholder value. Innovation can no longer be contained in a couple of departments or produced by a small group of isolated individuals.

    Innovation must permeate the whole organization. This will require a “system revolution” similar to the quality movement. The ability to innovate is impacted by who we are (GoInnovate! Generators), what we do (GoInnovate! Cycle) and the environment in which we work (GoInnovate! Context). When one understands these three Components of the GoInnovate! System and how they work together, one knows how to make innovation a way of life.

    The GoInnovate! System is a platform for swift, continual and efficient innovation. It is a catalyst and guide to producing innovations of any size and complexity within a department or across an entire organization. The System provides the necessary practices, skills and tools. It is the most comprehensive, systemic approach to innovation.

    Expand Innovation into an Enterprise Competency. 

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    The System will help close the gap between existing resources and increasing needs. Individuals, teams, departments, business units or entire organization can use it as a platform to bring about swift and continuous innovation, resulting in substantial performance improvements.

    Projects, business plans, strategic planning, leadership development, new product and service development, marketing and sales and any other business activity or challenge can use the GoInnovate! System. It does not replace management philosophy, policy or processes currently in place. In fact, it complements your current mode of operation. We don’t teach management or corporate philosophy. You learn how to think differently and how to use your innate creativity to make valuable contributions to the organization.

    Our approach demystifies innovation by breaking it down into understandable, logical components. People want to be productive. They thrive in a system that supports their productivity.

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