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    GoInnovate! worked with Strategic Management Systems, the group responsible for implementing best practices to achieve cost reductions in the Supply Management Division of the U.S Postal Service. At the time, Supply Management had an annual spend of $13+ billion.

    The Director sought to increase her organization’s ability to respond to an increasingly competitive and unpredictable marketplace. She wanted innovation to be an ongoing, flexible and user-friendly process. She wanted innovation to be system-dependent, not people-dependent, so she contacted GoInnovate!

    “The most damaging place we can be is when our services and existing systems are stagnant. With the speed of change accelerating, we now recognize the only way for us to perform to expectations is through innovation. The capability to continually innovate successfully anywhere in the organization is our only protection against an uncertain future.” Director of Supply Management

    GoInnovate! evaluated the organization’s readiness, commitment and capability to innovate. We recommended four strategies to produce and sustain a steady stream of new services, processes, technologies and equipment.

    1. Assess the innovation strengths of leaders and teams. And, then design plans to build on those strengths.

    2. Change the Context – the environmental forces that were hindering innovation. For example, an Innovation Leadership Council was formed and the process to request funding for projects was changed.

    3. Train senior leaders, managers and employees to apply the GoInnovate! System. And, certify GoInnovate! Professional and Master Innovators.

    4. Consult with leaders to develop an understanding and focus to make innovation a way of life.

    Innovation is the answer. GoInnovate! makes it happen.Andrew Papageorge

    Results were very positive. Leadership became more focused on strategic innovation practices. The speed with which ideas were converted into innovations increased significantly. Many entrenched practices that hindered innovation nearly disappeared. Employees became more involved and were emboldened with the knowledge and power to make things happen.

    The Director shaped a legacy – the capacity to innovate swiftly, continually and effectively.

    We have the System, the knowledge and the experience to help you achieve a similar legacy.