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Ideas-to-Innovations Learning Program consists of six Courses designed around our proprietary systems-thinking approach to innovation. There are over six hours of audio and video plus dozens of Inno-Tools©.

Courses are designed to be taken in whatever order you choose, based on factors such as:

  • Requirements of current innovations
  • Your role in the innovation process
  • Your prior knowledge and experience
  • Changing business requirements
  • Your customers’ changing needs

Content centers around the GoInnovate! System:

Courses are divided into a series of lessons. For example, the Generators course has four lessons: Value Set, Creativity, Collaboration and Leadership. Each lesson consists of a series of videos, photos, texts, graphics, audio & audio scripts in text format. Links to Internet resources make learning fun and easy.

Personal Notes can be printed at any time. At the end of each lesson you complete a Reflection Log and email it to your coach for comments. Each lesson concludes with a short quiz.

For further information please contact us.

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