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    Ideas-to-Innovations merges the elements of learning, performance support and knowledge management into a holistic solution.

    Learning. The learning environment is Web-based, self-paced and multimedia rich. It includes the basic set of GoInnovate! Inno-Tools©, Inno-Grams© and client work examples.

    Performance Support. We systematically and continually measure performance against defined goals. Virtual coaching and feedback is available.

    Knowledge Management. We deliver practical knowledge from our lessons-learned database and best-practices repository.

    Formalized Learning. Based on sound research in the fields of innovation and adult learning.

    Repeatable & Scalable. Can be scaled and delivered to individuals, teams, business units and enterprises.

    Strong ROI. Improved learning occurs at a significantly lower cost than with traditional classroom training.

    Adaptable. Accommodates a wide variety of learning styles.

    Convenient. Delivers “just in time” training to busy professionals who may have only fifteen minutes or an hour.

    Extendable. The initial implementation period is easily extendable.

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