The GoInnovate! System explained in simple language



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    Even though innovation is understood as the key to improve processes, eliminate waste, increase productivity and retain satisfied employees, few organizations have a system for inno­vation.  While there are systems for other important disciplines –finan­cial, marketing, manufacturing, customer service –there is often none for innovation.  Yet it holds the key to improving financial success.

    The approach detailed in this book demystifies innovation by breaking it down into understandable, logical components and then showing how those components work together as a system. The GoInnovate! System inspires people not only to accept change but be a part of it.

    Take a Sneak Peak at a chapter from the book.

    The GoInnovate! System will work in any organization. It does not replace management philosophy, policy or procedures currently in place. It will compliments current systems and enhanced the value received from an innovation initiative.

    The GoInnovate! Book introduces you to the GoInnovate! System (13 Essential Elements of Innovation), the methodology behind it and the basic tools to implement it. You will learn how to innovate swiftly, continually and efficiently.

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