Cycle: The phases an idea goes through to become an innovation.



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    Teams are more effective when there is a structured approach to guide their thinking and help them manage the barrage of information, uncertainty and confusion that is inevitable during innovation.

    Utilizing the GoInnovate! Cycle, teams first define an “optimum future” and seek a bridge from that future back to the present. The Wright Brothers did not begin their remarkable adventure by acknowledging, “man cannot fly.” They were convinced that “man can fly.”

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    The Cycle consists of five separate but interrelated and interdependent Phases.

    Phase 1: Visualize Ideals. The Ideals of any innovation are twofold: Purpose and Future State. Developed deliberately and collectively, they provide clarity of direction, alignment of key stakeholders and greater commitment.

    Phase 2: Measure Gaps.  Monitoring the “health” of an innovation is achieved using hard data measures. The primary benefits in this phase include: clearer priorities, enhanced accountability and better decision-making.

    Phase 3: Strategize Approaches. Strategies are developed to minimize or eliminate gaps. Greater control of resources, along with more trusting and empowered employees, is a key benefit of this phase.

    Phase 4: Projectize Details. Projects are the vehicles that bring strategies into reality. Teams create detailed project activities, determine resource requirements and generate timelines to implement strategies. Improved quality and efficiencies, along with less conflict and stress, are the benefits of this phase.

    Phase 5: Orchestrate Results. The tools for implementation are standardized and integrated. Team members implement project activities while meeting the demands of today’s business. Leveraged use of time, enhanced communication and the total achievement of the Ideals are the end results of proper orchestration.

    Teams fully empowered with the GoInnovate! Cycle benefit all:

    • Quality results are achieved effectively and quickly
    • Resources are fully leveraged
    • Expensive mistakes are minimized
    • Learning and trust are maximized
    • Employees experience personal and professional satisfaction
    • The organization achieves long-term success.

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